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Manor Farm Group Tutorials – Brilliant value tuition!

I am now offering an option for those anglers on a budget. Group tutorials at Manor Farm, Bedfordshire. 36 hours of fishing and coaching for just £120!

Groups are limited to 6 people with 2 coaches.

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Brace of 20’s!

I’ve been out a couple of times in the last 10 days with mixed results. I managed two fish last week of 26lb and 29lb which I had in the net at the same time! After moving three times in the day I managed to get on a shoal of fish as they started showing off the end of an island at 90 yards range.

Two solid PVA bags were cast out and my first rod rattled off within half an hour. The result was the lovely 26lb mirror pictured. Just as it slipped into the net the bobbin on my remaining rod slowly pulled up as the fish kited on a tight clutch. After short battle and a bit of tricky netting both fish were safely in the green folds of my Horizon landing net. The result was a lean 29lb common, and as quickly as the fish had appeared they had gone.

With that I decided to call it a day and head home, happy that my first trip of the season had been a success!