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King of the Carp Lake!

When I first met Chris Walker a little over a year ago her had just got into carp angling and had not really caught a carp of over a few pounds, following his first tutorial with me it now stands at 28lbs! He achieved this by applying the simply techniques learnt and combined them with a little hard work. Chris wanted to brush up on a few things and learn some new techniques that he hadn’t tried before so he recently booked another tutorial with me on the Carp Lake at Manor Farm.

We met on Sunday afternoon and after a walk around the lake we soon found a few fish showing over the far side behind the island. Chris got two solid PVA bags quickly cast out that I had tied up in advance which meant we were fishing very quickly. As we unloaded our barrows the spool on one of the rods laid on the floor started churning and Chris pulled into his first fish of the session!

Once the fish was put back we went about brushing up on the use of a marker float and found a nice silt spot which we planned to introduce some boilies to for the night. Chris wanted to learn some techniques he could use in France next year so we went through a favourite pop up rig of mine called the multi rig. This was soon sailing out to the silty area with a wide spread of 15mm Dynamite Spicy Tuna and Sweet Chilly boilies. The other rod was left with the solid PVA bag that had already done a fish.

Later that evening the solid bag cast to the showing fish produced several more fish and it wasn’t until first light that the boilie rod signalled a carp had fallen to the multi rig. This turned out to be the biggest fish of the session, a lovely upper double common.

We spent the rest of the day practicing various different rigs and one particular that Chris said he wanted to cover was the Zig Rig. We went about tying some up and got one cast out mid depth and went about getting a sloppy spod mix prepared to spod over the top. We persevered for the rest of the day but had no success despite changing depths and regular spodding. It was still good for Chris to go through the process and learn this very successful method to try another day when the conditions were better.

Chris finished up with 6 fish while others on the lake were struggling and practiced a variety of methods, but most of all he learnt some new techniques that I’m sure he’ll put to good use in the future.

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